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I have placed these images here so that everyone can enjoy them. I have spent thousands of dollars over the course of several decades collecting these images. I have also spend hours and hours scanning images. I have physical copies of all the images on this site. In many cases I have the negatives for the images and in a few cases I have the glass plate negatives.

I have placed these images on this site and I am trusting visitors to use the "honor system" and not to steal these images from me or from other contributors to the site. I also did not put any sort of water-mark on the image so you can enjoy the whole image. If everyone acts honestly this site will be around for as long as I am alive and I will continue to add to it as I have time or material to do so.

If you are interested in having an image or two on your own site please do not copy these images and repost them to your site but rather I kindly ask that your link from your site to images on this one. Also please give credit to the source of the image (this site). Hopefully this will help make it easy for every to stay honest.

If you are in the process of publishing material and wish to use an any images in your publication please contact me. I am willing to work with you.

Thank you!


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