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If you have images of Boston and Maine Railroad 4-4-0 engines that you would like me to post here that would be fantastic! Please only send me images of photos/negatives that you own and have the rights to use. Please DO NOT take images from someone else or another site and send them to me to add to this collection! I will, over time, try to make this site as complete as possible but it's not likely that I will ever own every single photo taken of a B&M 4-4-0 engine.

You can email the images to me at:

bollinger at metrocast dot net

- scan/crop the images to 800 pixel in width
- set the resolution to 72 dpi
- include your name so that I can mention whose collection the image is from
- let me know if you want contact information shown.
- If you do, please let me know what to post (email? phone number?)

Please understand that by sending me your images you are taking the same risk that I am in that someone may choose to misuse this site to take images and repost them or sell them. I cannot be responsible for the actions of other visitors to this site.

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